How King House Productions Plans to Redefine the Global Landscape of Cuban Music

How King House Productions Plans to Redefine the Global Landscape of Cuban Music

King House Production is an independent music production company established by producer BATISTA and artist YOSUANY. The producer and artist rose from a humble beginning, growing up in Cuba during a time of great political turmoil. During their early adulthood, the producer and artist drifted apart as the realities of life set in. As a result, music was not at the forefront of their minds. However, the founders reunited years later with the knowledge that forming King House Productions was more significant than just them but essential for the culture. While establishing their production company, the wise words of Prince regarding the music industry rang in their ears, which drove their passion for remaining independent. They realized that self-releasing their music was one way to achieve independence.

King House Productions is making waves in the music industry with its blend of Cuban and international sounds. The company’s mission is to promote, preserve, and develop Cuban culture through music. Their dedication to keeping the legacy of Afro-Cuban culture alive has been exemplified by promoting Cuban artists on a global scale. Their goal is to make Cuban music accessible to everyone around the world. Since its inception, King House Productions has released numerous projects, including singles, mixtapes, and albums available on all music platforms.

The production company’s upcoming projects introduce Web3 and AR, taking the way their fans enjoy music to the next level. With Web3, the production company will be able to offer its artists a platform to connect with their fans and create new opportunities for collaboration. By using AR, the production company will be able to create immersive experiences for their fans, giving them a front-row seat to the action. These new technologies will provide King House Productions with a competitive edge in the music industry and position them ahead of the curve.

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