BATISTA’s Construction of the ERC721PaymentSplitter

The producer and technologist BATISTA debuted his solo album GENESIS and took his music to another level by making it into an NFT. He created an NFT collection including generative art for each album's song and donated a percentage of music streaming royalties to the community. The 100 PAGES NFT collection provides a unique experience for each token holder revealing the PAGE properties after minting. An algorithm selects the properties, and the descriptions are written with the assistance of AI. BATISTA acquired knowledge about NFTs, constructed his smart contract, designed generative art, and released an album in ONE MONTH.

BATISTA began his deep dive in OpenSea at the beginning of January by approaching the information as a musician, developer, artist, and paralegal. The producer fully digested the process of creating smart contracts and vowed to be blockchain native throughout the process. These smart contracts are constructed of code, the very principle that BATISTA learned throughout his years working professionally as a full stack developer specialized in automation. At that moment, the producer realized that all his years in corporate prepared him for this exact moment. He knew that he would have to curate the contract from scratch to execute the project properly.

The producer tackled the 100 PAGES NFT project full time while working full time for a tech company. As time progressed, he felt empowered by the knowledge he acquired and immediately implemented it. Although, at the peak of his progression, the producer contracted a respiratory infection that took him out for a solid 48 hours. BATISTA felt that the NFT he had been working tirelessly would never be released. But he took his antibiotics and pushed through as his life depended on it. After overcoming his illness, the corporate job that he sacrificed his time and sanity for felt no empathy since they felt his attention was divided. 

BATISTA knew he would never be able to develop 100 PAGES the way he needed to. The producer didn’t need a plan B; he believed he would create a quality product. He no longer wanted to exchange his time for money. BATISTA wanted to create something bigger and provide a substantial difference. He submitted his resignation letter to his six-figure job and dove deeper into OpenSea. 

BATISTA continued to work and research for countless hours, then realized that there isn’t a contract that does what this smart contract can accomplish. The producer realized this when he came across a forum on OpenZeppelin where other programmers were at a dead end looking for answers to create a way to give royalties back to the community. BATISTA opened this path by combining two existing standards, ERC721 and PaymentSplitter, which made the ERC721PaymentSplitter. With the ERC721PaymentSplitter, creators can split donations amongst the community without requiring any Web 2.0 systems from day one. BATISTA is currently working with the OpenZeppelin developers to create a new standard for creators who wish to give back to their community. 

Click Here to read through the ERC721PaymentSplitter Proposal

View the collection on the official 100 PAGES NFT Website, OpenSea, and Rariable.

BATISTA will be hosting Spaces on Twitter to discuss the 100 PAGES NFT Collection and  ERC721PaymentSplitter Contract. Follow @100PAGESNFT and @BATISTAKHP to be notified of all discussions.
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